About Lexi Outdoors


About Lexi Outdoors

Unique Finds

We love being outdoors and know that you are shopping here because you are as unique as we are and love it too. We believe you should stand out and be as unique as your love of movement. So we scoured for unique brands and innovative clothing, shoes and accessories that will up your game. Some of the treasures here are so unique they’re not sold anywhere else.

Our goal is to ship fast and offer a fair deal on EVERYTHING. To be honest, we aren’t the cheapest.  There are department stores for that.  We want to be sure you get what you love and love what you get.

Maximize your savings by ordering several items. Buy one item, it’s a good deal. Buy more than one item, it’s an unbelievable deal.
Go Ahead, Order Again.

It’s that season, no matter what season. So come out and play!

Come Out and Play!

Why Choose Us

We know you can shop anywhere. That's why we do what we can to make sure that you shop here and return here! We are always on the look out for the next great up and coming brand!

Free Shipping (Most Items)

We try to cut great deals with our supplier brands to keep shipping free or to a minimum. After all, high shipping costs are no fun.

Rockstar Support

If you ever have a problem, just email or open a chat window with one of our team and we will help. We are a small team, so what one knows, all know. No more having to ``Start over`` explaining things.

Defective Replacements

If any item is defective, we will work with you to ensure we make it right and get you out and moving. After all, staying indoors or wearing old clothes is no fun.


Listen To Our Customers

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